Shea Butter is one of the most wonderful natural ways of moisturising and hydrating both the skin and hair. It has been used for centuries in skincare, particularly across the Western region of Africa (in which its origins lie). 



  • Moisturising and soothing

  •  Shea Butter, to help hydrate skin after being exposed to the sun. 

  • Shea Butter is rich in Rich in vitamins E, A and F as well as essential fatty acids. This abundance of vitamins makes it wonderfully nourishing, helping to leave our skin feeling healthy and hydrated.

  • Shea Butter is rich in antioxidants, making it a great ingredient to help aid the skin in its regeneration process. It has often been used in skincare to help reduce signs of stretch marks and scars.

  • It makes a great lip balm

  • It helps promote healthy, manageable hair

  • Shea Butter is a natural hair conditioner particularly beneficial to those with dry, curly or frizzy hair.


Shea Nut Butter

  • Ingredients

    100% Shea Butter

    Butyrospermum parkii Butter is the refined fat obtained from the fruit of the Shea Tree, Butyrospernum parkii, Sapotaceae



    • No BHA
      • Creates skin irritation and causes hormone disruption
    • No Phthalate
      • This chemical have been banned in the EU for its potential carcinogenicity and endocrine disruption in human.
      • Some studies of phtalates exposure resulted in adverse liver effectsincluding increased liver weight and some cases of tumor
    • No Parabens
      • Can cause cancer and reproductive health problems
    • No Synthetic Colors
      • Can block pores and can casue more acne 
    • No Triclosan
      • Disrupt thyroid and reproductive hormones, bacterial resistance development
    • SLS Free
      •  Skin irritation and possible impurity contamination




  • It's also a fantastic base ingredient for creating your very own Shea butter moisturiser. Essential oils can be added to create a bespoke moisturiser with the aromatherapy benefits of whichever oils you choose to add.

    You might like to add Lavender to create a lovely, relaxing moisturiser. Or Frangipani for a wonderful floral scent. The possibilities really are endless!

    Just add a few drops at a time and mix thoroughly. It's best to start with small amounts of essential oil and increase as you see fit.
    A really cost-effective and fun way of creating your own moisturisers for yourself or as a gift for family and friends.

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