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Best maternity duo that is absolutely 100% pregnancy and baby safe remedies during and after birth!

  • No Phtalates
  • SLS Free
  • No Mineral Oils
  • Paraben Free
  • 100% Baby Safe
  • Pregnant Safe

Joy to the Preggies


    • Stretchmark Reduction
      The more supple and elastic the skin is, the less visible impact stretching will leave. The deep nourishment of this blend also supports the recovery process in visibly stretched skin.
    • Skin Food
      Applying this oil to your body is like feeding your skin with the ultimate nutritional super food.
    • Skin Elasticity
      The skin's awesome natural elasticity is supported with compatible organic compounds for deep nourishing and conditioning.
    • Toned Body
      The benefits of applying Maternity Stretchmark & Tone during pregnancy is that the skin is fed and kept supple. After Birth the elasticity of tissues is nourished and skin can recover its original shape more efficiently. The deep tissue conditioning that comes with regular use will also guard against cellulite and help to break down existing areas.
  • Benefits:

    • Breast Feeding
      Some mothers abandon breastfeeding very early on due to the discomfort and soreness that they experience in their breasts. Generally, however, this is a short-term adjustment phase that does pass. Maternity Care: Breast Cream can help to soothe skin and assist natural healing at that vital time so that the real pleasure and benefits of breastfeeding can be fully realised.
    • Mastitis
      Regular breast massage may reduce the risk of mastitis and the added therapeutic properties of Maternity Care: Breast Cream provide the perfect supportive medium. Apply daily before birth, and continue to apply directly after feeding. Massage is also very useful when mastitis does occur as it helps to clear the blockages that cause this condition.
    • Sore Nipples
      It takes a while for the sensitive nipple area to adjust to regular use and the effects of constant alternating wet and dry. Maternity Care: Breast Cream contains wonderfully soothing and healing ingredients that can be applied direct to the nipples to help prevent cracking and assist the natural healing process. Apply directly after feeding and wipe with a warm, wet cloth prior to feeding again.
    • Beautiful Breasts
      Maternity Care: Breast Cream may also be applied before and after birth to strengthen the tissues in and around your breast and to support efficient recovery when breast feeding is discontinued.

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